Dome Stickers, Magnetic name badges & Tank Pads

Domed decals and stickers add a highly professional look that will set you apart from your competitors.
We can custom make your domed decals, stickers, tank pads and labels at any size shape or color. Vibrant colours and effects can be achieved by combining full
colour print with silver or gold metallic finish foils.
Doming can be simply described as adding a lens to a full colour sticker to give it a 3D effect. This lens is achieved by pouring a liquid resin onto a pre-cut full colour sticker and allowing the resin to dry.
Our domed decals are produced with extremely clear, non-yellowing UV and abrasion resistant polyurethane that will withstand years of use.

Some ideas where your can use your domed stickers
    * PC monitors
    * Computer Cases
    * Computer Case Badges
    * Keyboards
    * Electronics
    * Appliances
    * Refrigerators
    * Cell Phones
    * Key Chains
    * Trophy’s
    * Auto Decals
    * Cars
    * Trucks
    * Motorcycles
    * Boats
    * Auto Hub Caps
    * Promotional Items
    * Product Identification
    * Custom Labels
    * Logo
    * Gifts
    * and many more

Magnetic Name Badges
These name badges are a domed vinyl label adhered to a Rowmark backing complete with a magnetic clip.