Rubber Stamps


We at Metal Print & Signs offer a same day service on our Modico stamps. The Modico M series is the perfect stamp choice for your daily business. Our self inking stamps are manufactured using the latest environmental friendly technology and production does not require the use of chemicals.  They can be used on coloured fancy paper, cardboard, paperboard containers, catalogues, sticky notes, strong paper, paperboard, recycled and thermal paper, library documents, envelopes, data carriers (with paper labels), documents, labels (uncoated, unvarnished), tickets, folded boxes (uncoated), forms, back side of photos, brochures, certificates (indelible).   Modico stamping inks are permanent, water resistant and immune to chemicals such as bleach, ethanol and hydrochloric acid. This secures it against forgery and makes it ideal to stamp important and confidential documents.

The Modico office stamping-ink is oil-based, soaks in quickly into the surface and is wiping-proof rapidly. You can choose from the ink colours black, blue, red, green, violet and an invisible UV ink.  It complies with paragraph 29 of the official regulations for solicitors and therefore can be used for official certifications.

All Modico products are developed with quality and perfection in mind which ensures durable stamps and inks that can make up to 20 000 imprints.